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** = Recommended
Title: **
Title of the document
Author: **
This META tag defines the name of the author of the document being read.
Description: **
To be displayed in search engines.
Keywords: **
Separate each word with a comma.
Requires date format  04 Oct 2020 00:00:01 GMT.
The date when the listing may be deleted.
If you do not put in this tag, it defaults to never expires.
Abstract: **
This tag is a one line sentence which gives an overview of the entire webpage
Copyright: no need to add ゥ, it will be added automatically
Designer = Webmaster
Publisher: Company that publishes material being read or sold on a web site
The Revisit META tag defines how often a search engine or spider should come to your website for re-indexing. For example: 7 Days, 14 Days, etc.
Note: Just add number(s), word Days will be added automatically.
Global (Your webpage is intended for mass distribution to everyone),
Local (intended for local distribution of your document),
IU - Internal Use (not intended for public distribution).
Why would you want a page not to be cached?
If your site is updated frequently and you always
want your visitors to see the newest content/changes .
You can specify the appropriateness of your web site for kids.
Robots: **
Instruct the search engine robot/spider how to index your site.
ISO-8859-1 is standard..
Object Type: **
categorized for search engines.

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